Her Tongue Entered His Mouth Palate.

I had this trashy little book that was written in the 60s. I have always loved terrible pulp erotica for whatever reason, probably the kitsch of it. I am a sucker for kitsch. I wanted to read from it while topless. It was hard to read, literally, because it was as if some algorithm had written it, and it seemed as though no one really bothered to edit it.

The Pig

Fact or fiction? This film is a lot of both. Almost entirely improvised, the film is ostensibly about a sick culture of sick people doing very sick things. Enjoy shifting in your chair uncomfortably.

The Porn Eaters

What is pornography?

If anything it must be important. People seem to like it and it makes ton of money. Why? Is the body a bad thing? Should you feel shame showing it or enjoying it? It was built to allow for extreme pleasure, but some outlets have created a shame based society around making you feel bad forgetting pleasure from something you were literally engineered to enjoy.

I was asked to participate in the film “The Porn Eaters.” The director used to make documentaries but realized that once the camera was turned on people were performing in one way or another. They read a review of a Terrence Malick film which used the term “tone poem.” They thought it might be best to try to explore ideas and notions visually and sonically rather than as a polemic. A tone poem. The result is “The Porn Eaters.”

I have a fair amount of experience and comfort in being “sexy,” (surprise, surprise!) so they asked that I move around in the space where we produce the stills work that has appeared in other videos and books. To document a shoot then integrate sound and other stills that are not sexual in nature at all, but were a part of their daily life. The director has been celibate for 5 years. They are a romantic. They want to be in love before they have sex. I thought a good term for them was “demisexual” but terms are sometimes guesses. For them, snow covered trees and farmlands are more a part of their daily life then Tinder or any attempt to “get laid.” That is what this film is sort of about. “Sort of “ because people don’t have to ask what a painting or song is about, per se, but it is natural to search art for logic and meaning as an anchor in our chaotic worlds. We can be strange, deeply emotional creatures. To make a film about sex, abstinence, pornography, pubic hair, grooming habits, toxic masculinity, addiction…for us, this abstract approach worked best. I can yell about these things in person all the time, but a film I’m part of doesn’t quite need to yell the same way I want to and it can still convey the same messages of frustration.

Many of the stills produced during the production of our film work together is available in e-books which are available on this site.