Is The Subtext Running The Show?

Is the subtext running the show?

The myth that I told myself was that I would be more enigmatic and compelling if I allowed the art to speak for me. The reality is how many men have dined with me in restaurants and asked me to keep my voice down when I crescendoed excitedly about something.

These videos are hard to watch, maybe not for the reasons you think. Media is at a constant rate of being created to be easier to digest, faster videos; shorter walls of text. This is not a critique dripping longing for the “Good Olde Days,” this is just a fact.

I want to force you to stay somewhere you did not mean to stay. Your hand is on the doorknob and it is just a bit stuck.

Who actually reads the story before the recipe in a Cooking Blog? I fucking don’t. I don’t care about the rainy day you recall in March in Pittsburgh, I just want to know how to make the best cheesy cauliflower ever.

You might be annoyed because you never got to the recipe, the story just went on and on. Maybe the story is okay because there is a butt in it. Either way, you’re stuck in that rainy day in Pittsburgh or somewhere you might not have previously thought about. You have forgotten if the leaves encircling the cauliflower are edible.

Melissa Perry