Roth here. I work with Collibrina. In the interest of full disclosure: if the footage of her looks familiar you may have bought one of our other films in the past. I experiment all the time and this “music video” is an example of working with materials again to try to elicit new moods.

Collibrina and I talk about sex a fair amount. It’s not my thing, in the usual sense, but I do like to see naked women in the context of films. It’s is the closest I’ll get to being intimate with a woman any time soon. This is by choice. I am a romantic. If I meet someone I’m into beyond physical appeal, then who knows? lately, like five years of lately, that never seems to happen.

To my male peers I am a space alien. They feel bad for me. They hope I meet someone. I do not want to meet someone. I like being alone. They do not believe me. So, it remains a thrill to see a woman naked. It is more of a thrill to be able to make films involving naked women that are trying to be more than films with naked women in them.