Collibrina is producing independent and experimental films with the artist collective known as “Everyone is Lying to You” & producer C.G. Burke.

The films are ostensibly about human sexuality and gender issues. What they really “mean” is up to the viewer.

These films do not feature Collibrina, unless noted, but similar tones and notes are struck.

The first film to be produced via this partnership is “Sutton Hasting Does Not Want You.” The intention with this film was to inject some fictional elements, but what this woman said was more affecting than anything anyone could have written or staged.

The Pig

An open minded white male makes a documentary about truth and justice in America.

Sutton Hasting Does Not Want You


The Art Model

Some people have to worry about where they park their car at night. Sometimes, even during the day.

Collibrina appears, but is not featured in this film.



Private fucking property. Just like the sign says.

Collibrina does not appear in this film.



She is naked and she sways in the grass. Skirt.

Collibrina does not appear in this film.