The Photo Shoot

I have always had an issue with things having to go precisely as I'd hoped or I chuck the whole project. For this short I just wanted to document a photo shoot and cut to the resulting still after the camera flash. Well, the frame rate of the recorded made the flash look like a digital glitch, not a camera flash, so I abandoned the entire idea. I cut some of this footage into our film "The Porn Eaters" but it was rendered black and white with analog grain overlays. I have been into anxiety reduction as of late, so I have been meditating after reading David Lynch's book on the subject as a method of creative problem-solving. In short, after meditating, most of the time, later in the day, an idea will come to me that I am pretty sure had I not meditated, never would have occurred to me. What I realized was the footage was pleasant to look at. The idea was still a good idea. Collibrina looked great. The space we shot in was a production designers dream. So it was stupid to chuck the entire idea because the flash looked stupid. So, here is the film as it was originally planned called "The Photo Shoot."