She is Not You.



Collibrina is a classically trained lyric soprano and a certified factory of sass. She is older than she looks and may or may not be immortal. Her origins only matter if you find yourself perplexed by her constant sarcasm (hint: it's a side effect of her New York Ashkenazi Jewish background).

Collibrina's primary source of work has been modeling since 2012. Her personality, previously a unique brand of uncomfortably self-effacing humour, burst into a shimmering halo of bombastic confidence as her portfolio grew, especially after images of her won Honorable Mention in various photo contests. Collibrina's camera presence owes itself to her stage performance background and her love of silent film; she's often likened to film stars from the 1920s and 30s. Despite this dynamic skill, she is mostly known for having the Helen of Troy of Butts.

In 2013, she dove head-first into the comedy cult known as Upright Citizen’s Brigade, determined to be recognized for something other than her hip-to-waist ratio. She swam away a couple years later, convinced she was a hilarious hourglass. She trained to teach yoga at South Boston Yoga in 2016 and teaches part time for the Naked Yoga School.